"Human medicine from the Latin "humanus" (human) deals exclusively with the research and treatment of the human body, its function, condition and diseases."

The company EMOS Technology GmbH has the highest standards to improve the quality of patient care. Our product range includes endoscopes "Made in Germany" of the brand BUCK of various specialties. These enable medical specialists to make a diagnosis. Through our new, innovative developments, the image quality of our endoscopes is continuously becoming more precise and accurate. Our focus is on improving treatment results, pain-free examinations and accelerating recovery. Our wide range of BUCK brand endoscopes can of course also be produced specifically for you as an OEM product.

Advantages of flexible Emos endoskopes

Modern design

Made in Germany

Brilliant image representation

High-quality components „made in Germany“
High depth of field and homogeneous illumination

Stable guiding element

Increasing lifetime due to innovative construction method

Robust shaft

Very good material resistance during the preperation process


Optimal image setting through the ergonomic focusing ring

Standard eye piece

for camara application. Compatible with different camera TV coupler

Universal ligh guide / cable connection

Compatible with adapters from different manufacturers.

Advantages of Emos optics

Sapphire negative & sapphire window

Solded sapphire negative and sapphire window
advantages: no glue, no leakage and no scratches


Compatible with sheaths from different manufacturer
advantages: easy combination with your existing equipment


134°C / 273 °F / 2,3 bar / 21 min


Complete made from stainless steel for high corrision resistance


Optic system is additional protected

Laser welding

Trough the laser welding absolutely sealed

Image quality

HD image display in real reproduction of the colors and tissue structures

Image quality

High-resolution, vignetting-free and distortion-free image quality in 4K