Our flexiblebronchoscopes with working channel of the brand BUCK manufactured by EMOS Technology GmbH, convinces with an excellent high image quality. With a viewing angle of 100° and a very good flexible angulation in the up/down range of 180°/130°, it offers the doctor an excellent view during the patient assessment. The ergonomic design of the endoscope allows comfortable, stress-free work on the patient.

  • Insertion tube: Ø 5.2 mm, Ø 6.0 mm     
  • Working length: 600 mm             
  • Working channel: Ø 2.3 mm, Ø 2.8 mm
  • Field of view: 100°
  • Angulation up/down: 180°/130°
  • Available colours: blue, green
  • Standard accessories: Suction valve, leakage tester, ETO-Cap,
  • Optional accessories: Plastic suitcase


Here you can get an overview of our product range. You are also welcome to request the respective products directly from our team by e-mail using the selection option.

Item number Compatible Description Diameter Effective length View angle
Flexible Bronchoscope / WL=600 mm / Insertion tube Ø 5.2 mm / Working channel Ø 2.3 mm /
Flexible Bronchoscope / WL=600 mm / Insertion tube Ø 6.0 mm / Working channel Ø 2.8 mm /