A team of around 50 employees runs our Repair Service.

We guarantee:

  High quality and reliability at fair Prices

All endoscope owners and users are faced with a familiar issue: Whether it is the processing unit, image or insertion tube that is causing problems, repairs can often be an expensive undertaking.

Caution is therefore to be exercised when commissioning endoscope repairs, as poor workmanship or the use of incorrect replacement parts can quickly lead to a considerable hole in your pocket. Sensitive areas such as control systems or electronics in particular require extensive specialist expertise and the appropriate equipment – and this is where we come in. It is our pleasure to provide you with all the professional guidance you need when selecting replacement parts.


We look forward to a positive and cooperative partnership.



     Simply call us on +49 (0) 7558 938278 – 0 to arrange
the collection of your faulty endoscope.
     Where required we can provide you with a rental device.
     You will receive a detailed, non-binding estimate/damage assessment.
     Once your endoscope has been cleared for repair you
will receive a job confirmation (incl. delivery date) from us
   Your device will then be professionally repaired in our
specialist workshop
     Inspection protocol / Protocol of condition further to repair
     6-month warranty on repairs

Our experienced specialist staff can provide your employees with training in the fields of endoscope care and technology where required (training takes place at our premises). We offer the prompt collection of your device at no extra cost. Where required you also have the option to rent a device from our large pool of rental equipment for the duration of the repair period. To contact our Repair Service, please call the following telephone number: +49 (0) 75 58 / 93 82 78 – 0